Doventures identity
Doventures helps entrepreneurs, business leaders, and government leaders create technological ventures that operate at a factory production pace.
The company provides all-round expertise for long-term strategic development which include venture design, development, and audit.
Clean sans lettering visualizes the technological and industrial direction of the company. Two words separated by colour and merged into one single line. Certain details like compensators and ovals make lettering unique.
Osnova Pro family is used across digital and print materials​​​​​​​.
The palette emphasizes simple yet rich tone of voice throughout all materials.
A set of friendly pictograms designed in a clean, simple silhouette style. They are used as sentence endings or as a decorative elements.
Sweets and chocolate truffles are the main theme for the company imagery. Along with donuts, gingerbread and macaroon, they are used as background photos for any kind of material.
Presentation template
To demonstrate company's products, the presentation templates were designed. Flexible grid layout and simple styles allow easily create beautiful documentation.
Digital & merchandise