Senior graphic designer with 17 years of experience and over 100 projects in the advertising, graphics, branding, typography, layout design, infographics, wayfinding and urban environment industries. Worked with and compiled complex systems (city design codes, rules and guidelines, wayfinding, transportation maps) as well as creating identity and graphic concepts for businesses and products.
Good at navigating production cycles, large-scale projects and automation of large tasks, strictly adhering to deadlines and timelines. Enjoy working in large teams, know how to allocate tasks to specialists, and easily defend projects to the client. Always open to technological and cultural innovations, favouring experimental and fresh design.
Graphic design and Adobe Suite tutor, lecturer and public reader. Performed a number of masterclasses on applied graphics, identity, city design and wayfinding.
Areas of expertise:
Wayfinding, identity, branding, infographics, packaging, layout design, illustration, 3D-graphics, UI/UX.
Recent projects
Airport and transportation wayfinding design
Interactive carrier reacts to viewer's distance and adapts graphics accordingly. Close to carrier gates are rendered in yellow and use airplane-shaped arrow pictogram instead of classic arrow, which emphasizes the direction.

Anchor line to a chair monument in Odessa. Knots show the queue progress bar.

City of Toshkent identity
Kyiv Opera identity
Brinex identity
Wild Around identity

Wild Around guideline

Various projects
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